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We are very happy to announce the winners of Young Artists Connections ’21:

Alexandru Mihai Budeș (b. 1992)
Lucia Ghegu (b. 1990)
Maria Mandea (b. 1991)
Andreea Medar (b. 1990)
Sarah Muscalu (b. 1994)


Over the past years, the five artists (aged between 27 and 31), have developed diverse practices, from installation, drawing, painting, video to formats of participative art.


On the backdrop of a group show at MNAC Bucharest, where they will present their projects between October 14th and November 14th, the five participants will discuss their artistic practice in the frame of individual meetings with the invited curators: 


- Thomas Delamarre, director MAGCP – Maison des arts Georges et Claude Pompidou, Cajarc, France
- Simon Delobel, director KIOSK, Gent, Belgium

Young Artists Connections is a project aimed at promoting young visual artists and at facilitating a professional networking context, at an international level, initiated in 2020 by the visual arts platform SwitchLab and developed in partnership with the National Museum of Contemporary Art — MNAC Bucharest.

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We are happy to announce the winners of the first edition of Young Artists Connections.


For the solo show at SwitchLab:


Mihai Șovăială - Nothing Was Touched, Just Recorded, 2018

For the group show at National Museum of Contemporary Art:

Andreea Badea - Entire Place, 2019

Alexandra Boaru - I Want to Become a Plant, 2019

Elizabeth Brolla - Maturitate, 2018

Mirela Cerbu - Musca de Casa, 2019

Tudor Ciurescu - Donald Judd x Monster Energy, 2018

Ella Costache - CheVEUX, 2019

Natalia Lazurca - Triple G, 2020

Mălina Moncea - One-armed Race Against Memory, 2018

Ana Scripcariu - Spiral Garden, 2019

Ana Țaran - Kompas, 2019

All selected artists will have the great opportunity to be part of portfolio review session with: 


- Philippe van Cauteren (director of SMAK - Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent, Belgium);

- Koen Leemans (director of the Cultural Center of Mechelen, Belgium);

- Benedicte Goesaert, former director of the Zeno X Gallery Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium); 

- Călin Dan (director of MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest)



We wish to congratulate the selected artists. 


National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharerst

AFCN - Administrația Fondului Cultural Național

Young Artists Connections is a project designed to promote young Romanian visual artists and to facilitate a professional networking at the international level.

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