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We are happy to announce the winners of the first edition of Young Artists Connections Award.


For the solo show at SwitchLab:


Mihai Șovăială - Nothing Was Touched, Just Recorded, 2018

For the group show at National Museum of Contemporary Art:

Andreea Badea - Entire Place, 2019

Alexandra Boaru - I Want to Become a Plant, 2019

Elizabeth Brolla - Maturitate, 2018

Mirela Cerbu - Musca de Casa, 2019

Tudor Ciurescu - Donald Judd x Monster Energy, 2018

Ella Costache - CheVEUX, 2019

Natalia Lazurca - Triple G, 2020

Mălina Moncea - One-armed Race Against Memory, 2018

Ana Scripcariu - Spiral Garden, 2019

Ana Țaran - Kompas, 2019

All selected artists will have the great opportunity to be part of portfolio review session with Philippe van Cauteren (director of SMAK - Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent, Belgium), Koen Leemans (director of the Cultural Center of Mechelen, Belgium), (Benedicte Goesaert, former director of the Zeno X Gallery Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium), Călin Dan (director of MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest)



We wish to congratulate the selected artists. 


National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharerst

AFCN - Administrația Fondului Cultural Național

Young Artists Connections is an award designed to promote young Romanian visual artists and to facilitate a professional networking at international level.